Abinka Appinka a Tarinka Vikulka, CZ Vikulka, CZ


Lorelay Panthera, CZ

About Lorinka

Lorinka is the Devon Rex cat, black, silver-spotted. She comes from cattery of Mrs. Podhajská - Panthera, CZ, from Trutnov. She was born on 1 August 2010 and home we brought her 23rd October. We came to it a bit unusual, Mrs. Podhajská offered her own to us. Because transcription is under Lorinka devon rex standards, she wanted to Lorinka occasionally looked on shows. She choose us for the fact that our cats really spoiled, said that her masters will be the best - themselves you will have to recognize that such offers could not be refused.

Lorinka is still a kitten, this year (meant 2010) you will not see her on any cat show, but in the next year - whether or not the competition!

Lorinka´s pedigree

Lorelay Panthera, CZ
DRX ns 24
SC Faraon Gallant Agillera, CZ
DRX ns 21 32
CH Goblin´s Queen Panthera, CZ
DRX w 62
CH Cartoon´s Linus
DRX bs 21 33
CH Abhorsenka Chillichilli
DRX w 61
IC Bluebutterfly Chrissi Gummoo
DRX w 62
GIC Zhesika Rex Panthera, CZ
DRX n 24
CH Little Cartoon Allevamento Luna
DRX n 09 22
Phu-Quoc´s Maya
DRX bs 09 33
IC Nemo Rex Loki-Maio, PL
DRX ns
CH Herezia Gattissimo, PL
DRX w 62
UA Glamourcat Bantik
DRX w 63
Bluebutterfly Abigail Tic Tac
EC Yori Rex Loki Miao, PL
DRX w 62
CH Estella z Gwiazd, PL
DRX w 62
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