Vikulka, CZ
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Abraca Dabra Maine Bear, CZ

About Abinka

Abinka came off after Vikinka's death as the first from Maine Bear breeding station. It's is Mainecoon, tortie, mackerel tabby with white. It's was born in 6th March 2008. It's mummy was Katty Women Mellow Goliath and daddy was inter champion Josua from Matrix. In spite of Abinka's stubborn streak it's a really lovely cat. It's doesn't like soft and comfortable lair but prefers window sill, wardrobes. Sometimes it's sleeps in the middle of the room.

The name Abraca Dabra is because of pattern it's hair which is beautifully tigrine and dotted on the other side. 3th october 2009 Abinka gave birth to lovely small kitty boy - Bubajsa. Bubajsa's daddy is Kirk Maria Leone from Coloradogato, CZ cattery, Šenkapoul's breeders from Mariánské Lázně.