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Bubajsa Vikulka, CZ

About Bubajsa

Bubajsa, alias Bubísek, Bubík ect., was born in 3th October 2009, from litter of B - Abinka and Kimík. The name of Bubajsa belogs to the olympic winner in Greco-Roman wrestling styl; we liked that name, so we named Bubajsa after him.

In spite of living Bubajsa in our family relatives, it competes under name of our breeding station Vikulka, CZ. It's the mainecoon, black, silver mackerell tabby with white. Its fur changed very often but latterly became significantly lighter and now it has black, silver spotted tabby. As time goes on Bubajsa prospers very good, it is naughty sometimes, may be after its mumm.

On the first run exhibition in Ostrov nad Ohří, which was took place in 17th April 2009, we put it under control due to colour of it's hair...in the end the fur isn't white coloured at all so finally it has black coloured with silver spots (MCO ns 24)...Bubajsa faced up hard competition, but in the end got classification Ex2.

Bubajsa´s pedigree

Bubajsa Vikulka, CZ
MCO ns 24
Kirk Maria Leone, CZ
MCO ns 23
Abraca Dabra Maine Bear, CZ
MCO f 09 23
Bastien Memory of Trees, CZ
MCO as 09 23
IC Desert Rose of Gentle Lions, CZ
MCO ns 23
IC Joshua z Matrixu, CZ
MCO d 22
Katty Women Mellow GOliath, CZ
MCO f 09 23
Nathan Ekbatana, CZ
MCO e 09 22
Bella Donna Maria Leone, CZ
MCO as 23
CH Pahokee´s Nez-Perze (KVL)
MCO as 23
Lavdara Annabel (GACC)
Tarzan of Midnight COlony, CZ
MCO ns 22
Kiss Me Trinity Hairy Majesty, CZ
MCO f 09 23
EC Csak´s Coon Garfield
MCO d 09 23
Chipsy Jean Dreams z Larku, CZ
MCO n 23
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