Abinka Appinka a Tarinka Vikulka, CZ Vikulka, CZ


Amos Vikulka, CZ

About Amosek

Ámosek – Amísek is a cat from a litter of A (the father is Apollon and the mother is Appinka). It was born in 28th September 2009. It has blue bicolour, but honestly, we don't know how it will be coloured in the future.

Amísek had an acute rhinitis after post natal so that we had to feed it on. That experince had persuaded us to let Amisek in our home.

It is very kind of nature, playful. It is naughty sometimes, makes quarrel with Andělka. It likes sit at the wash basin and watches while we brushing our teeth. It's bodily structure is a little bit stocky, but no thicky.

In 17th Apríl 2010 took it's first exhibition in Ostrov nad Ohří. Amísek was suprisingly self-possessed in despite of got a great success.

Amosek´s pedigree

Amos Vikulka, CZ
RAG a 03
Apollon of Ruby Dolls, SK
RAG d 03
CH Appy Rohan´s Ragdoll, CZ
GIC Aragorn vom Tannensteig
RAG n 04
Bluemellow´s Moonlight Surprise
RAG g 03
Bastien Atrei Kastielska, SK
RAG n 21
Keitty Rohan Lucky Amelie (NCHK)
RAG n 04
EC Fancyrags Lord Bentley
RAG n 03
IC Ritzyrags Trixie
RAG n 04
Mirandos January Stars
RAG a 03
Bluemellow´s Jazzmine
CH Dollhouserags Silver Maximillian
RAG a 21
IC Dita Talovín, CZ
IC Valentin Síh
Bibi De Rotte Rag, CZ
RAG n 04
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