Vikulka, CZ
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Appy Rohan´ s Ragdoll, CZ

About Appinka

Appinka is lovely ragdoll cat. It comes from breeding station of Rohan's Ragdoll in Zdice – it's a smaller town near Prague. Appinka – ragdoll seal colourpoint - was born in 5th Apríl 2008. It's mother is Keitty Rohan Lucky Amelie and it's father is Bastien Atrei Kastielska (SK). Appinka's nature is a little bit timid, but never lets Abinka walks all over it.

Appinka is really kind kitten. It has been broken any thing yet in our home, that is why, it is our sweetheart.

In 28th September Appinka gave birth to four beautifull ragdolls which forms our first breeding litter A. It's father named Apollon is from the other end of the Czech Republic, from the town of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. Appinka and Apollon are both great friends.