Abinka Appinka a Tarinka Vikulka, CZ Vikulka, CZ

Vrh A

Appy Rohan´s Ragdoll, CZ
Apollon of Ruby Dolls, SK

28th September 2009 - After the breeding station was founded, our first kittens were born in the evening of 28. September 2009 – that day is the national holiday in the Czech republic – the St. Venceslav Day.

The first kitten was born at 18:00 o´clock, 45 minutes later than the second one, after 8 minutes the third one and an hour later was born our fourth kitten. Everything seemed to be all right. Appinka looked after small kittens…..suddenly at 21:55 o´clock was born the fifth kitten! I purposely spoke about „kittens“ because I did not know what sex the kittens are. Finally three of them are boys named Amadeus, Albert, Amos and one of them – girl Andělka (named after our dog - bedlington´s terrier). Unfortunately Albert started to lost its weight because of refusing milk. After the four days of its life, Albert died.

2nd October 2009 - A week later Andělka opened its eyes – like the first!

11th October 2009 - Two of the kittens about we do not know its sex are finally boys – Amadeus and Amos. Small kittens started to grow up and all of them could see. At this time we believed that these kittens will see out. Our kittens grown up to beautiful cats and we slowly started to find their new family.

Amadeus leaved us like the first - on 4 th February 2010. Its new family is from Prague, the Krejza´s family. Amálka finded its new home on 16.th February 2010 in Teplice, at the Zima ´s family. Some of the photos about their life you can find at the photo gallery.

Andělka and Amadeus stayed with us because we did not achieve to lost them.

Litter A kitten´s pedigree

Vrh A
Apollon of Ruby Dolls, SK
RAG d 03
CH Appy Rohan´s Ragdoll, CZ
GIC Aragorn vom Tannensteig
RAG n 04
Bluemellow´s Moonlight Surprise
RAG g 03
Bastien Atrei Kastielska, SK
RAG n 21
Keitty Rohan Lucky Amelie (NCHK)
RAG n 04
EC Fancyrags Lord Bentley
RAG n 03
IC Ritzyrags Trixie
RAG n 04
Mirandos January Stars
RAG a 03
Bluemellow´s Jazzmine
CH Dollhouserags Silver Maximillian
RAG a 21
IC Dita Talovín, CZ
IC Valentin Síh
Bibi De Rotte Rag, CZ
RAG n 04

Litter A kitten´s photogallery