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5.9.2010second day at Chodová - Planá: Andelka and Amisek score again! Both gets CAC, it means that they are both CHAMPIONS! Bubajsa get V2 by Mr. Sagurski, but he also took second place in visitors contest Most Beautiful Cat of the Show!
4.9.2010at Chodová - Planá International cat show Andelka and Amisek gets their second CAC certificates!
12.8.2010we have some new photos of Emánek! You can see them in his photogallery. Some new photos has also Bubajsa at his photogallery.
31.7.2010at International cat show at TK Sparta, Prague Amisek and Andelka get their first certificates CAC!
5.6.2010Cat show in Příbram (Memorial of Stanislav Petrenka) - Abinka placed on the second place again and Amísek got the best kitten evaluation Ex1. Tarinka pleased us with its second CACIB! Both Tarinka and Appinka have to compete abroad to become international champions.
16.5.2010we took part in the exhibition in Most together with Abinka, Tarinka and Andělka. Abinka got the V2 almost traditionally in hard competition, Tarinka obtained its first CACIB. Except Ex1 Andělka also got the nomination to the BIS! In spite of failure that is a great success because it was the second Andělka´s exhibition.
15.5.2010we participated in the International exhibition of cats in Most together with Abinka, Bubajsa, Amísek and Tarinka. In hard competition Abinka and Bubísek got V2 (Abinka competed with five competitors), Amísek got V1 over again, however our hairy boy was really praised by Mrs. Marie Říhová M.D. Tarinka got it´s third CAC so that it´s became champion. It caused the gratest pleasure.
17.4.2010Appy´s kittens and Bubajsa passed out it´s first appearance in exhibition in Ostrov nad Ohří. Our „Mains“ had bad success thanks to hard competition, Abinka got it´s Ex3, Bubajsa got it´s Ex2. Tarinka hang´s it´s luck on by getting the second CAC. Andělka and Amísek took us by suprise, because they appealed referee and that is why they got the classification of Ex1.
28.2.2010an International cat exhibition in Manětín - Tarinka got it´s first CAC, Abinka was unlucky again and a heavy competition got the classification of Ex3.
16.2.2010Amálka leaved to it´s new family. Meanwhile we definitely decided to have Amísek together with Andělka.