Abinka Appinka a Tarinka Vikulka, CZ Vikulka, CZ

Vikulka, CZ

Vikulka, CZ cat cattery

Who we are?

We are just a small mainecoon, ragdoll and devon rex cattery. We live in Údlice, small village near town Chomutov at the foothil of Krušné hory.

About us

We are the small family living on foot of Krušné hills. We always have soft spot for animals so that we gradually reared hamsters, budget, white mice and later also Bedllington terrier named Andělka and Persian cat named Vikinka. All of animals died, for the last time – fourteen years old Vikinka. Vikinka died in April 2008. Since we have made decision not to have further kitten.


But, thanks to the International cat´s exhibition took place in a month later in Most, we found beauty of Maincoon´s cats. So that we made an appointment with their breeders. The result of that visit is lovely cat named Abraca Dabra, it´s nickname is Abinka.

We did not want Abinka´s castration so that it´s a bred cat. If someone has a bred cat, is it important to have breeding station. We did not have problem with it´s name. Vikinka had beautiful orange eyes, so we started to call it „popped out Vikinka“. Because the name of Vikinka has been registered, the name of our breeding station is „VIKULKA CZ“. It´s a short name, easy to keep in mind, which is very distinguished for us because it´s remunda us the first cat.

After coming home we realised that Abinka cannot be home alone. It was not possible for us to be at home with her, so we decided to buy a cat friend. Not long time passed and we had lovely Ragdoll cat named Appy from Rohan´s ragdoll breeding station.


We started to took part in exhibition and reached great results. No long time went by and another member was in our family, devon rex named Tarinka – a small naughty kitty.

After passing a couple of exhibitions our cats collected first certificates and Appinka first, and Tarinka immediately after, won champions titles. And at cat shows we met a lot of our friends.

After a year Abinka and Appinka met their tomcats, and the result of the were two litters. Since that time, our new familly members are ragdolls Andělka and Amos. By our relatives lives mainecoon Bubajsa and two of ragdoll kittens took thein new homes by a kind people – Amalia in Krupka and Amadeus in Prague.

At one international cat show we met with Mrs. Podhajská. She will then herself offered us Lorinka, devon rex cat. She told us, that her likes how we take care about our cats, and Lorinka will definitely be well with us. That was an offer we can´t refuse. And so the Lorinka was added into our family.


As the time passed by, we were more and more succesful at cat shows and at our nineteenth show at Ústí nad Labem, March 26, 2011, Amos took first place in Best in Show and became the best neuter!

We are not sure if the number of cat is a final, because we wish to breede Abyssinian cats...

At the end of 2013, we fulfilled our dream. We bought a little house. Jirkov, the town where we lived almost all our life, had gradually become socially excluded locality. For two years we have renovated this house and in October 2015 we finally moved to the Údlice, small village nearby Chomutov. Although Údlice village is not particularly well known, there are many (not only turistic) points of interest – the most interesting is definitely small Church of the Holy Cross, one of the most important romanesque monuments in northwestern Bohemia.

As we have a garden, we have to have garden cats. First such cat, which was settled with us was Bertička, then Mourinho and our newest crew member is Jakeš.